By identifying where you can do much better.

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Usually companies fail in these areas...

There can be a million reasons why your sales are not up to their potential. But in 99% of cases it boils down to 52 key issues in these four areas.

Sales readiness

Every successful sales team has these foundations set in place. You probably have some too, but do you have all of them?

Lead acquisition

Set up a system that will make your sales team cherish — not dread — cold calls. They can be a massive source of revenue.

Execution and closing deals

Always Be Closing. You know your ABCs. We'll tell you how your team can turn it from a hollow mantra to reality.

Measuring and improving

Why do we sometimes measure — yet don't improve? We'll show you what you need to put an effective feedback loop in place.

Take out the guesswork

Achieving stellar sales requires a lot of work — but it should NOT require guesswork. Answer our highly specific questions and we will tell you exactly where and how to improve your sales processes. You'll be able the move the needle starting from this quarter.

Word of warning: don't click if you are not ready to face tough questions. This is only for those serious about improving their sales performance.

  • 52 questions split in four categories
  • Multiple choice, easy to answer
  • Requires familiarity with your organisation's processes


Our highly specific questionnaire will take just a few minutes to fill out. But the results may be just what you need to hear in order to trigger your best quarter yet.
So act now.

Sales diagnostic
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